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Bold Rock Cucumber Melon AVB 4.0%

Style – Seltzer – Cucumber Melon features a juicy splash of melon paired with incredibly crisp and light cucumber notes that are sure to make this Bold Rock Hard Seltzer a fan favorite. Lift your spirits with a cold Cucumber Melon and invigorate with this bubbly goodness.  1g sugar/82 calories/gluten free

$10.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $5.99

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Blakes Habanero Mango Cider ABV 6.5%

Style:Cider – At Blake’s Hard Cider Co., we like spicing things up.  We created this sweet, heated blend of habanero pepper, mango and our famous Blake’s apples. Experience a hard cider that’s really, honestly, truly like no other. Blakes is located in Armada, MI

$10.99 oz./ 32 oz. $5.99

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MadTree Psychopathy  ABV 6.9%

Style: American IPA – Explore the blend of citrus, bright, and floral aromas. Additional citrus flavors follow alongside a smooth bitterness. It finishes with a medium body and a slightly sweet, malty backbone. Trust your senses.

$10.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $5.99

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Urban Artifact 4.5%

Style Gose – Cranberry lemonade Gose blending tart & sweet real fruit into a drinkable and sharable sparkling drink.

$11.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $5.99

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 Orpheus Wandering Blues  ABV 7%

Style: SOUR – I fell in love with this one instantly. Good color, nice smell, but the instant it hits your mouth, WOW, It pops with a wonderful dry delicious sour flavor, the perfect amount of blueberry hits you before leading to a light barley ale flavor at the end. Definitely a must try if you like sour flavor. Orpheus Brewing is located in Atlanta

$10.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $5.99

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Bearded Iris Ever Clever ABV 8.5%

Style -Double IPA – Bearded Iris says Ever Clever is “bursting,” “foxy,” and “intricate.”  this beer is definitely bursting with fruitiness and layered with intricate hoppy flavors. The taste is more bitter than the aroma lets on, with plenty of biting hops to clean up the sweet mango, pineapple, and citrus.

11.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. 6.99

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4 Hands Brewing Absence Of Light ABV 7.1%

Style: Milk Stout – Absence of Light is a milk stout brewed with peanut butter. Chocolate malt dominates the grain bill, backed up by a combination of caramel malts and roasted barley. This provides a very rich, complex flavor with notes of chocolate, coffee, peanut butter and a slightly sweet finish.

$11.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $6.99

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Johnson City Brewing Little Chicago Stout ABV 5.5%

Style – Oatmeal Stout – Coffee, dark chocolate, sweet and bitter notes are present in the nicely balanced beauty of a stout.  Pairs well with smoked meats, cheeses, sweet desserts and chilly evenings.  Pour and enjoy!

$10.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $5.99

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Gypsy Circus Vaudevillian ABV 6.0%

Style: Cider – This tart apple cider begins with a fresh apple nose, with a semi-dry to medium sweetness. It is refreshing and sessionable with a tart black cherry finish.
Always natural and gluten-free

$11.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $6.99

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Johnson City Brewing Peaches ABV 5.9%

Style:  –  Amber Ale- Sunshine in a Glass! Kick of Coriander amber ale made with real peach puree.  This year round specialty is juicy but not too sweet with a hint of coriander at the end.

$11.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $6.99

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Jackalope Lovebird  ABV 4.4%

Style: Fruit Beer – This crisp wheat beer is complemented by the addition of nearly two hundred pounds of strawberries and raspberries in each brew. The fruit adds a tartness and berry aroma, as well as a slightly pink color to the brew.   Jackalope is in Nashville, TN

$10.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $5.99

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Bearded Iris Dbl Scatterbrain 8.0%

Style: Double IPA-   Double the piney passion fruit goodness you know and love + now double the dry hopped citra magic you crave for a pint that’s sure to make your brains feel like Waffle House hashbrowns.

$10.99 64 oz./ 32 oz. $5.99