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Davidson Single Barrel Reserve Wheated

This is for all you wheated bourbon fans.  Straight fron Nashville, TN, we present the Davidson Reserve Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon.  This batch was aged for 5 years and offers the smooth, sippable quality you’d expect with a fine wheated bourbon.  Bottled at 116.8 Proof.



George Dickel 15yr Single Barrel

As our whisky ages and mellows, each barrel imparts its own unique taste and aroma ensuring that no two are the same. Some barrels develop a particularly special character that deserves even more time in barrel to fully develop. That’s what you’ve got here – one of our most-precious antique Single Barrel whiskies hand-selected for our most discerning customers.



Ezra Brooks Plaza Single Barrel

Ezra Brooks’ dedication to tradition comes through in this Kentucky-Distilled bourbon.  This bourbon is crafted with extraordinarily high quality ingredients, aged, then charcoal filtered. This smooth and mellow bourbon has a complex flavor profile and is bottled at cask strength – 120 Proof.



Knob Creek Plaza Single Barrel

The Knob Creek Single Barrel Select is a 9yr Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.   This special batch, specifically selected by Plaza Package, is bottled at 120 proof rather than Knob Creek’s more typical 100 proof.



Makers Mark Private Selection

We are excited to offer this Maker’s Mark Private Selection, bottled at 111.3 proof.  Maker’s unique program allows us to select a combination of staves, creating a truly unique flavor profile for our exclusive single barrel.



New Riff Plaza Single Barrel

This richly dark Kentucky Straiht Bourbon is aged for 4 years, and bottled unfiltered, at 111.9 proof.  New Riff breaks from the typical mash bill, employing a higher rye content, which results in a unique flavor profile.


Whistlepig Plaza Single Barrel 10yr

For our rye enthusiasts – here is a Whistlepig Single Barrel 10yr Rye bottled at 104.7 proof.  Whistlepig is known for bringing a bold and unique rye tasting experience, and we’re proud to offer this batch, exclusively selected by Plaza Package.



Don Julio Plaza Reposado Private Cask

Don Julio’s master distillers select their best batches for the Private Cask line, after which they are aged for 10 months in a single cask.  We selected this specific batch for our Plaza Package customers.  This fine tequila is bottled at 85.4 proof.



Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select

Bottled at 94-proof, Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select layers subtle notes of caramel and spice with bright fruit notes and sweet aromatics for a Tennessee Whiskey with one-of-a-kind flavor.  This spirit is matured high up in our barrelhouses where our whiskey and white oak barrels are affected most by Lynchburg’s distinct climate.



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